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There is so much noise about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. How do you sift through it? CryptoNewsAsia aims to be a trusted source of news and analysis for all things blockchain. Seen, investigated and analysed from the Asian perspective.

You could say that blockchain was made for this region. We will cover this story minus the hype. We are able to do that because we are seasoned financial journalists. But we are also converts to the blockchain revolution. We think its a perfect mix: we can spot a scam a mile away and at the same time are able to seek out and articulate the well thought out plans of blockchain innovators venturing into this region. We have strong links to the establishment and the regulators. We will get their views. And will continue to promote awareness of the blockchain. That’s the promise of CryptoNewsAsia.


Industries here are mired in shadowy inefficient practices that benefit the middlemen

The majority of people remain unbanked

The populace increasingly distrust their governments

There is a hunger for getting higher returns for their small saving




Risen is an experienced financial journalist, trained in law from the University of London but spent all his working life as a writer of company news and economic and financial issues. His writing career has spanned two decades, with stints in a top business magazine in the 1990s, to eight years at the Edge newspaper covering technology and the financial markets.

From 2007 to 2009, he spent two notable years at Investors Chronicle in London, an investment magazine owned by the Financial Times, where he analysed LSE-listed companies. For the last eight years, Risen has been financial markets editor at The Star, the most read English daily in Malaysia. During this time, he has written extensively about developments in fintech. In 2016, he completed a short course on fintech from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which further impressed upon him the positive changes that fintech is poised to bring into our world.



US trained Fintan has 17 years of experience as a journalist. He was an assistant news editor with the Star Media Group, the leading English-language media group, covering macroeconomic issues and the capital markets, with emphasis on currencies, bonds and interest rate policy. He started as a rookie reporter in a small-town newspaper in the US in the late 1990s before embarking on a postgraduate degree in history.

He taught college-level history and politics for a year before returning to journalism. He joined the Edge, Malaysia’s leading business weekly, where he covered mostly companies listed in the then Mesdaq for the Edge’s Financial Daily website. He also did a 2½-year stint with the Edge’s property section and was Malaysia’s top property journalist in 2006.