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BY CNA Team - October 9, 2018

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Dalichain’s enterprise focus

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Enterprise-focused Dalichain reckons it can bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional companies.

“Assuming a company has began to understand the benefits of the blockchain and wanted to use the Ethereum blockchain, they can’t just pick up the phone and talk to Vitalik (Buterin),” quips Michael Lv, one of the project’s co-founders.

Lv, a former senior director of software at Intel, says that when large enterprises want to start applying blockchain technology to their businesses, they are usually confused about where to start.

Michael Lv, co founder of Dalichain: “If an enterprise wanted to use the Ethereum blockchain, they can’t just pick up the phone and talk to Vitalik (Buterin)”

“We combine the consulting element with our offerings. We are focused in helping enterprises harness the power of blockchain to make their processes more efficient in order to save costs,” Lv says.

On its website, Dalichain articulates its goals: “Dalichain aims to create the best commercial public chain. We have conducted long-term research and technological exploration in areas such as the Internet of Things, supply-chain finance, cold chain logistics, digital IP and public welfare. Based on that, Dalichain has created blockchain solutions applicable for a wide array of industries.”

It says it aims to make “blockchain more mature, the industry application easier, and the world a better place.”

“Dalichain provides a cloud service platform which is stable and user-friendly. Enterprise users, by calling different interfaces, can directly use various functions of blockchain, separating application from the blockchain network at the business level. They do not need to be concerned about the technical details of the blockchain throughout the process,” it also says.

Dalichain is already running a few projects with enterprises. These include a welfare organisation, a logistics firm, a chemical manufacturer, a bank, and a provider of credit to malls.

Dalichain continues work with multiple international customers, such as a large Korean group to help them use the blockchain for carbon emissions, a Canadian IP protection project back by the government and a US gym chain.

Dalichain is already on the first version of its mainnet, hitting 700 transactions per second. It has a practical roadmap to continue upgrading the mainnet to enable more features and faster speeds.

One interesting area that Dalichain is going after is artificial intelligence (AI). Dalichain joins the group of start ups seeking to disrupt the concentration of AI in the hands of the BAT giants, namely Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. “Include Google in that,” says Lv, making reference to how the tech giant’s AlphaGo AI beat the world champion in the ancient strategy game last year.

“Decentralised AI should be an option to people, and we want to use blockchain to path-finding that,” Lv explains. He says Dalichain is working with one of China’s biggest Go fans community.

“We are designing a model to utilise the computing power and data of the community to build a decentralised AI model to train Go players,” explains Lv. Data comes from the community and eventually serves community, with an incentive model built in.

Dalichain is also focused on the Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G technology.

“IOT and 5G come together. While there are IOT projects on the blockchain already, the devices are using protocols which are too slow.

When 5G comes, it will bring about narrow band IOT technology (NB-IoT), which will enable super fast connections between those devices.”

Lv reckons that this is crucial for the development of blockchain, which is peer to peer based. “All those IOT devices could then be blockchain participants or nodes. We are getting ourselves ready for that scenario,” adds Lv.

He points out Dalichain has a number of top people who used to work for tech giant Huawei, who are familiar with these technologies.

Dalichain has three teams in different cities in China and some of them hail from tech giants Huawei, Intel and Baidu.

Dalichain’s developer community has more than 60 people already. It was seed funded by a few VC firms and completed its private fundraising in July 2018.

Members of its core team come from such tech giants as Huawei, Intel and Baidu.





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