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BY Team CNA - August 1, 2018

Special Features 0 – Building a dapp ecosystem, where the blockchain comes alive.

Think of as a fertile field, where developers sow, nurture and grow dapps, and users come to pick the most delicious-looking ones that suit their needs.
A+ A-, an innovative and cutting-edge ecosystem dedicated for decentralised applications, which helps and inspires developers and users to embrace the exciting blockchain technology with confidence, is being launched by Kyle Lu and the team.

Kyle is the founder and CEO of Prior to founding the company, he was partner and VP of Achain, an Asia-based blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to deploy tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain networks. Kyle is also a regular speaker at crypto conferences, on topics related to blockchain technology adoption and application.

So what exactly is “It’s an ecosystem for decentralized applications. We are creating an entire ecosystem to encourage dapp development, awareness and usage,” says Kyle.

He explains: “We know dapp is going to be the next big thing. It’s literally Blockchain 3.0. Around the time when CryptoKitties was the hype, we were thinking about building a game ourselves. Later on, we found out that there were a whole lot of games already running as dapps. However, not many know this and no one is really trying out these games. Only a few dapps have succeeded in building their project and that’s the problem.”

“Also, quite a few blockchain networks are trying to compete with each other – just like the old days, big tech companies were trying ‘everything’ to get developers to join them. Nowadays, these blockchain companies want developers to use their platforms. It may seem that most developers are sticking with Ethereum. But in reality, there are many other platforms out there trying to attract developers to build on them. In the meantime, dapp developers are struggling to get users and exposure”, Kyle explains.

He adds, “We are looking at things mostly from a user perspective. We conduct campaigns to get users to come try out different kinds of dapps”.

“At the current moment, 80% of dapps are game based,” Kyle states. “So we take the first step of driving more users to try out these dapps by running fun and educational marketing campaigns.”

By collaborating with a broad range of dapps to promote crypto games, and connecting industry media platforms to generate insight and data, has increased its brand awareness and built a thought leadership in the dapp market as well as in the blockchain industry. “It is the first time that regular users can learn what decentralized technology is, and how it can transform the world,” he adds.

In addition, is nurturing the field of dapp development and aiming to attract developers by providing tools and knowledge, so they can practice out their brilliant ideas to the market.

Naturally, they are starting with games. “80% of dapps are game-based,” Kyle adds. hopes to attract developers by providing them the tools and knowledge to bring their ideas to market.

“Dapps can be showcased and reviewed by users around the world and users can discover high quality, reliable dapps which will add value and ease to their lives.”

Kyle says, “Think of as a fertile field, where developers sow, nurture and grow dapps, and users come to pick the most delicious-looking ones that suit their needs.”

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