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BY CNA team - September 29, 2018

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Line announces launch of five dApps

Line launching five dApps
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Japanese messaging service Line Corp is planning to launch five decentralised apps (dApps) as part of efforts to scale up the Linear Network.

The network consists of the firm’s Link blockchain and the platform’s branches or leafchains, the dApps that are built on their own separate blockchains and can interact independently with other dApps.

All these blockchain platforms will be underpinned by the Link token, with the dApps using the Link token certifying it through smart contracts.

The Sept 27 announcement says the dApps that will be launched are in the prediction, question and answer (Q&A), product review, food review and location review service categories.

According to a press release detailing the roadmap for the dApps, the Q&A and prediction dApps will be launched before the end of the month while the rest will be launched before the end of the year.

The company also says that the Link token will be offered from Oct 16 for markets outside Japan from its own cryptocurrency exchange Bitbox while users in Japan can convert their Link points to Line points starting in October.





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