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BY CNA Team - November 1, 2018

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Planetary Resources acquired by ConsenSys for undisclosed amount

Planetary Resources acquired by ConsenSys
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ConsenSys, a blockchain-based software company, has acquired Planetary Resources, a Redmond, Washington-based startup with a vision to mine the asteroids for resources.

Planetary Resources, which did not reveal how much the deal was worth, says in an announcement on the firm’s website that the acquisition was through an asset-purchase transaction.

Planetary Resources’ president/CEO Chris Lewicki and general counsel Brian Israel will join ConsenSys as a result of the acquisition.

The Arkyd 6, a satellite capable of detecting water resources in space, was launched by the startup in January and has completed the world’s first deep space resource exploration plan to characterize hydrated resources on near-Earth asteroids.

Ethereum cofounder and founder of ConsenSys Joe Lubin says in the same announcement that bringing such deep space capabilities into Consensys reflects “reflects our belief in democratizing and decentralizing space endeavours to unite our species and unlock untapped human potential”.

Image courtesy of Planetary Resources website.





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