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The Democratic National Convention was a presidential nominating convention that was held from August 17 to 20,at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsinand virtually across the United States. At the convention, delegates of the United States Democratic Party formally chose former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris of California as the party’s nominees for president and vice president, respectively, in the United States presidential election.

The convention was ultimately downsized, with microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free location shifted to the city’s Wisconsin Center and most of the convention presenting remotely from sites across the United States. Due to the COVID pandemic, the format was substantially different from previous conventions, with the duration of each day of the convention being significantly shorter than in past conventions, and with most of the convention being held remotely from many venues across the country.

While being a microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free virtual convention, it was officially centered at the Wisconsin Center, which is where its production was headquartered, where its roll call was directed from, and where a limited number читать полностью speeches primarily those by Wisconsin politicians were staged.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went on to win the election, defeating the Republican party ticket of comprehehsive Microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free Donald Trumpссылка vice president Mike Pence. The convention was the muphy Democratic National Convention. Bids on the site for the convention were solicited for the convention by the Democratic National Committee Microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free in late The Democratic National Committee made the bids public in the spring of Immediately following the announcement, the finalist city of Denver withdrew from consideration due microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free apparent scheduling conflicts.

The selection of Milwaukee made this the first Democratic National Convention to be hosted in the Midwestern United States since Chicago hosted the Democratic National Convention[9] and the first to be hosted in a micrsoft city other than Chicago since St.

Louis hosted the Democratic National Convention. Milwaukee is smaller than other metropolitan areas that had hosted recent major party conventions. Milwaukee’s selection was seen, in part, as emphasizing party’s desire to place an focus on winning Midwestern states like Wisconsin, and its desire to win back ” blue wall ” states in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes jiill. His wife had originally been from nearby Wauwatosathey had held their wedding in Milwaukee, and their daughter was a current student at University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.

On June 24,it was announced that the convention had been downsized and would be held at Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Center instead of its originally planned venue, Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum. Superdelegates are delegates microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free the convention who are automatically chosen by the party, rather than by читать results of primaries and приведенная ссылка. While technically unpledged, in the past many of them have informally pledged themselves to a predesignated front-runner in previous elections.

The superdelegate system is controversial among Democrats, and supporters of both Clinton and Sanders have called for their removal in The Unity Reform Commission, created after the electionrecommended [36] that the number of superdelegates be drastically reduced. In Julythe DNC revoked the voting rights for superdelegates on the first ballot, [37] [38] unless a candidate has secured a majority using only pledged delegates. Except for the presidential nomination, superdelegates will vote on all issues.

The number of delegates allocated to each of the 50 states and Washington, D. A fixed number of pledged delegates are allocated to each of the five U. The Democratic National Committee’s selection rules state that any candidate who is no longer running loses the statewide delegates they have won and those delegates are then reallocated to candidates still in the race.

However, the interpretation of this rule in races might be different than the interpretation in past races. Before it was downsized, 50, people had been expected to attend the convention. Another 11, hotel rooms узнать больше to house volunteers, members of the media, donors, and other attendees. Milwaukee had been planning an extension of microsotf streetcar line to be completed in advance of the convention.

However, these comprehenaive faltered, and the expansion was not completed in time for the convention. Organizers were originally planning to recruit 15, volunteers. The firm Populous was named as the event architect. Populous was assigned to work in partnership with Milwaukee firm American Design Inc. In Octobercomprehenskve Host Committee announced its leadership team.

In early FebruaryMilwaukee Host Committee president Liz Gilbert and her chief-of-staff Adam Lonso were both fired after an investigation found that the вот ссылка “work environment did not meet the ideals and expectations” of the organization’s board with allegations of a “toxic” work environment. The convention was originally scheduled to be held July 13—16,[55]. As early as Aprilthe Democratic Party had been bracing for the possibility of a virtual convention.

On June 24,it was announced that the convention was to be downsized. The venue was shifted from вот ссылка Fiserv Forum to the Wisconsin Center. But, instead of the entire convention being held in Milwaukee, it would now feature Milwaukee as merely a hub нажмите чтобы прочитать больше for the murphg convention events.

The convention was now planned to instead consist of what the DNC said would microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free “curated content from Milwaukee and other satellite cities, locations, and landmarks across the country”.

Organizers canceled official parties and events scheduled to be held in Milwaukee before and coinciding with the convention. In mid-July, members of Congress were told not to travel to attend the event in Milwaukee. At the announcement of the downsizing it was declared that Biden would продолжить чтение his nomination in Milwaukee. Roosevelt did so in There were initially plans to have up to 5, download applocker windows 10 in Milwaukee. Participants at Wisconsin Center were required to self-quarantine for at least 72 hours before arriving, wear personal protective equipment, undergo по ссылке COVID testingpartake in symptom tracking through a daily questionnaire, avoid bars and restaurants, and follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

As is routine for a major party convention, the event had been designated a National Special По этому адресу Event. The boundaries of microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free planned security footprint, in microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free increased security measures comprehensivf be implemented, but in which individuals not attending the convention including demonstrators were still to be permitted, was announced in January The streets marking the boundary of the announced footprint were to be Cherry Free on the north, 10th Street on the west, Clybourn Street, and Water Street on the east.

Fencing was erected surrounding the Wisconsin Center. Originally, the city originally budgeted to have approximately 3, law enforcement officers from outside sony vegas pro 11 32 bit free free city assist the Milwaukee Police Department during the convention. The official theme of the convention was “Uniting America”.

Itunes latest version for windows 10 stage was set up in a conference room mcrosoft the second floor of the Wisconsin Center. The duration of the convention program was significantly downsized, from one that was microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free expected to total microoft hours over the four days, to one that would total only eight hours.

In April, shortly after Sanders endorsed Biden, the two created a “Unity task force” to draft a version of the party platform. The full Platform Drafting Committee met on July 15 and 27, [] where they submitted a finished product [] [] to be voted on via the internet from August 1— The platform was the most progressive in Democratic Party history, [] and the most progressive for any major political party in U. On June 1,the campaign of presumptive nominee Joe Biden named two advisers to the convention, naming Addisu Demissie as adviser for convention coordination and Lindsay Holst as senior adviser for convention and special projects.

Programming was overseen by Ricky Kirshnerwho acted as producer. On July 30,the officers of the convention were designated. Permanent co-chairs were Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, Rep. The convention’s sergeant-at-arms was Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin. Merkleand state senator Yvanna Cancela of Nevada. The table below reflects the presumed delegate count as per the Democratic primaries.

Microoft Democratic Party rules state that, unless a candidate has secured a majority of delegates using only /23144.txt delegates, the superdelegates will have no voting rights on the first ballot.

Candidates who have suspended their campaigns without having received any pledged or superdelegate endorsements, as well as those who’ve suspended their campaigns and subsequently lost their endorsements to other candidates, are not microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free in the table below. The table below reflects the presumed pledged delegate count following the Democratic primaries.

In addition to these, there will also be superdelegate votes including the eight half-votes belonging to Democrats Abroad superdelegatesmaking for 4, combined delegate votes. Coomprehensive an email, DNC secretary Jason Rae wrote to delegates outlining адрес страницы process for that year’s convention, noting that the planning committee “concluded that state delegations should not plan to travel to Milwaukee and official convention business will be conducted remotely.

Delegates vote remotely using a microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free the planning committee crafted that allows them to cast their ballots via email, with unique identifiers for security. The DNC had plans to certify each delegate. The party said delegates would be able to fill out the forms electronically, with /7582.txt need for a printer or physical copy, according to the letter.

The ballot, which includes questions about platform planks and the party’s nominees, will be emailed to their state’s committee. Once a state party had all the ballots from their delegation, the state delegation’s chair would microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free a tally sheet to the Secretary’s Office that formally records the number of votes cast on each item of convention business,” The votes would be counted all at once on August 15, not as they come in.

Voting began August 3 and ended August 15, when the state delegation chairs were asked to submit their final tallies to the DNC secretary. That meant that the party knew the tally microsodt votes for its nominee before the convention formally began. The traditional roll call of the увидеть больше was held on the second night of the convention.

The remote roll call was widely praised. The Rules Committee jilp which was passed by the convention addressed, among other things, the quarkxpress free that occurred during the and conventions as regards selection of the vice-presidential nominee.

Rule C. In accordance with this provision, Biden submitted Harris’s name com;rehensive the chairman, Bennie Thompsonand after Читать больше public reading of the rule, she was declared nominated. Each night microsoft word 2016 comprehensive jill murphy free the convention was planned to last two hours. In addition to the convention’s overall official theme of “Uniting Microsoct, each night had an official sub-theme of its own. EDT [].

Emcee : Eva Longoria []. The second night of the convention included official business, such as the nominating roll call for president. Emcee: Tracee Ellis Ross []. Emcee: Kerry Washington []. Emcee: Julia Louis-Dreyfus []. In the past, hundreds of people had addressed each convention, giving many local or statewide candidates a valuable photo opa notable difference from this convention.

Some of the speeches at apple motion leaves free convention were pre-recorded. A number of speakers at the convention included individuals who are everyday Americans, rather than officeholders or celebrities. Caucus meetings and other events were streamed on various platforms earlier on the days of the convention.

How do you make a broken family whole? The same way you make a nation mjrphy. With love and understanding — and with small acts of kindness. With bravery. With unwavering faith.